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San Pedro de Atacama

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In de natte periode kan de zoutvlakte overstromen, en kan het moeilijk zijn een rondleiding te krijgen.


Bijvoorbeeld : Pucon
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Puerto Natales y Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

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Buses come into the park from P Natales first pass by Laguna Amarga, this is the first stop. They then continue to Pudeto, passing a couple of hotels along the way, and finish at the Administration. Most buses leave P Natales at 7 in the morning and by the time it gets to Amarga it is about 10. With the morning bus you should get to Pudeto in time to catch the 12 noon ferry to Refugio Pehoe. There is another one in the afternoon (can't remember the time) and the last one is at 6pm. The boat trip is 35 minutes. The hike from Pehoe to Refugio Grey is about 3 hours. So if you start hiking immediately after the boat ride you should get to Grey before night fall. I suggest you spend the next day exploring the galcier, it is really nice. This means one night at Grey and then back to Pehoe the following day. If you start in the return hike in the morning from Grey, you can catch the 12.30 boat from Pehoe without having to spend the night there and still can get to Amarga that same evening. I don't see how you can possibly see Grey glacier and the Torres in 2 days. The hike from Refugio Las Torres to the Torres takes 4 hours one way, it is a long tiring day trip from the refugio and most folks set out for the Torres from Chileno refugio. Seeing both require at least 3 days, can't see how you possibly squeeze the 2 into anything shorter.

Parque Nacional Torres del Pario

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